Why it works

The mind detox method works because it goes directly to the root-cause of any issue, it focuses on why what happened was a problem and not the story about what happened, so it purifies your perception of the event and your subconscious mind does then not feel justified to keep feeling bad.

“You feel whatever you feel because you believe it is justified to feel it”

It is amazing to see the shift happen once new learnings are installed and perceptions purified.

“You are not a victim of your belief system. You can change it if it isn’t working for you and I would recommend that you do so if any of your beliefs are limiting your health, wealth, peace, love and happiness”

The mind is like an iceberg as the conscious mind is above the surface which you are aware of and the unconscious mind is hidden below the surface which you are unaware of and controls your memories, emotions, behaviours and healing. Everything you see and hear is raw data which is taken in by all your senses. Your unconscious mind then filters this data, and based on memories, beliefs and values etc. will distort and generalise the data and feed it back to your conscious mind. The unconscious mind only lets you become aware of, what it deems is important and relevant to you, giving you a distorted unique version of reality. This is why if 2 people experience the same event they can each have an entirely different view and version of that particular event.



“our perceptions are pure when we see the entirety of reality, as it actually is, rather than seeing a falsified edited version of reality, based upon our assumptions, beliefs and attitudes”