Mind-Body Connection



Your physical health is linked to your mental and emotional wellbeing, evidence of the mind can be found throughout the entire body, meaning your body is your mind.

Here are a couple of examples: 

Think of a food you love, and your mouth will water. 

If you feel embarrassed your face will turn red. 

When you feel sad you cry.

Amazingly you have thousands of thoughts a day running through your mind, some of which you are aware of and the rest through the unconscious mind. Sometimes if we resist our experiences these thoughts can become stuck, over time these trapped thoughts and emotions can impact our health until they are released.

“Beliefs are thoughts that have been frozen in time”



Incredibly you came to most of your core beliefs about yourself, other people and the world by the age of 6, a few more by the age of 12 and then only the odd one since. 

This means that a belief that was formed at age 5 could be impacting your health and life at age 50. Finding and resolving the root cause of this belief can then help your body to heal.

Stress belief – Your mind can constantly search for potential threats, leading your body to be in a perpetual state of fight-flight-freeze survival mode and living in fear. This can also lead to chronic anxiety.

When you are stressed out a harmful concoction of stress hormones, including norepinephrine and adrenalin can end up circulating through the body. 

Over time stress hormones have been found to compromise the immune system. They can weaken organs, cause the body to turn off long-term building-and-repair projects, speed up the ageing process and make the body more prone to developing chronic illness.

If you have a negative stressful thought your body will react accordingly.

“The body cannot tell the difference between what is real and happening now and what is imagined”

 Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that 95% of all physical conditions are caused by stress in the autonomic nervous system” 

So if you are carrying emotional baggage and toxic beliefs optimum health and happiness may elude you.

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