About Lynne


Lynne is a qualified Mind Detox Practitioner trained by best-selling author Sandy Newbigging.

She has managed to overcome and resolve her own emotional issues and life problems using the Mind Detox Method including anxiety, failure, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence and getting peace with highly emotional past events that were holding her back.

Lynne has always been involved in helping other people. She is friendly, Compassionate and intuitive and feels privileged and excited to be able to share this powerful method with others, and make a real positive difference to their lives, so they can move forward and live their best life possible.

My Story

My Dream

I always had a dream of opening my own shop, and after getting married and bringing up my 2 daughters, and working in various customer service roles, with the support of my husband I decided to go for it.

Wow!! I couldn’t believe my dream was happening and in August 2003 I opened my Lingerie shop. I was excited about the future and loved assisting my customers and helping them feel amazing about themselves. 

Although I had a lot of regular customers, unfortunately things did not work out as planned, because with excessively high rent and rates, my outgoings were more than I was taking and the business carried a lot of debt. With a very heavy heart I decided to close the shop in 2010 and my dream was over.

A New Adventure

All was not lost though, we decided a change of life and a new adventure was needed so we moved down to North Devon to work in my Fathers business. In 2011 we had the opportunity to take over the business along with other family members. It was a stressful business with long hours but I loved it. I also had my daughters and my grandchildren close by and life was good.

Hitting Rock Bottom

In 2017 due to personal reasons and the ill health of a member of my family (they are now in good health), my family and I moved back up to Buckinghamshire, leaving the business to be run by the other family members. I hit rock bottom, and felt depressed, anxious, and completely lost. I felt I had no purpose in life. I was in my 50’s with no career or job and after working for myself for 15 years, I had no idea about the job market. 

I was also post menopausal, feeling old and not very good about myself so what did I have to offer? what was I going to do now?


I decided to try meditation to achieve some peace, loved it and went to a well – being seminar a few months later with various speakers and there met best-selling author Sandy Newbigging. What he was saying really resonated with me and I bought his books and meditation CD. Joining his Calm Clan online group, enabled me to learnt more about mind detox, living in the present moment, and meditation (which I practice regularly).

A New Beginning

I started training with Sandy in 2019 as a Mind Detox practitioner, qualified in 2020 and haven’t looked back. I have detoxed my mind which has helped me heal and come to terms with the past, let go of anger, failure, guilt and found and healed the root causes of my negative emotions, so incredible! 

I am now excited about my future and sharing this amazing method with others. They say it is never too late, and I agree with that now. The way I feel and see the world is totally different now, and because I love helping people, I am looking forward to supporting them in reaching their full potential, having more peace, happiness and a more positive future.

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